Founded in 1999 by Dominique Lafon, Héritiers du Comte Lafon is his trailblazing, biodynamic Mâconnais Domaine. These world class Chardonnay display what this magical region is capable of producing. Dominique was the first Cote d’Or producer to invest in the immense potential hidden in those rolling hills by buying higher altitude, old vine parcels with the intent of letting this beautiful terroir (perhaps the most picturesque wine region in the world) reach its full potential. He started by converting all of the vineyards to biodynamic farming –the Lafon way!  Early on, Lafon strived to preserve the natural fruit and minerality of the region by using only larger, neutral wood for the aging of the wines, this was certainly not the raison du jour in the Maconnais, a region with a history of industrial farming and volume driven winemaking. Lafon’s belief and passion for the region has made Héritiers a towering beacon for fine wine in the previously overlooked Chardonnay mecca. In 2006, he appointed long-time apprentice Caroline Gon as head winemaker of the Domaine. Under her tireless and inspired leadership, the gospel of quality Mâconnais is spreading far and wide, with a clear and definitive voice.

The Best Cellars Team