Who is Les Fruits?

Les Fruits is Tim Stock, who is Tim Stock? Tim is a bit of a wine industry legend, having started his wholesale business, Vinous 16 years ago, Tim has introduced the Sydney wine trade into some of the most sought after, talked about and straight up delicious producers we have had the pleasure of tasting. You will have seen many of the wines he distributes on all the great wines list in town and the finest bottle shop i.e. Best Cellars! 

Tim's inspiration in "Real Wine" has been at the heart of his portfolio "Our producers are essentially vignerons and are usually small family concerns with an absolute quality" often utilising Biodynamic, Organic and Sustainable practices in their vineyards, we share a lot of the same Philosophies when it comes to winemaking, so it's no surprise that when Tim told us he had started his own label "Les Fruits" centred around these philosophies and some great vineyards in the Adelaide Hills, we were excited, to say the least! These are some of the fastest moving wines at Best Cellars, they are gathering a strong following and it is easy to see why. Stop by the shop on Saturday for a taste and get on board the Les Fruits Train, all stops to Flavour town.

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