Schmolzer and Brown Halbinsel Pinot Gris 2020


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Hello skin fermented pinot gris. A lot of relationships in industry were drawn on to eke out wine from the 2020 devastation for VS&B. Steve Faulkner (Oakridge viti) does the farm consulting for this Mornington vineyard and the wine is made like reds. VS&B rise and rise. Good for us. Good for them. Wrong bottle shot but it looks similar.

Cherry juice freshness, cranberry tang, tea-like tannin, bite of bayleaf and an almost seaweed umami thing going on. Very refreshing, quietly complex, powdery tannin, so very vibrant feeling and thirst-quenching with a peppery finish. A great vibe, a great wine.

93 Points, Mike Bennie, The Wine Front

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