New Release from Spain's very own Sherry Jesus, Jesus Barquin.
Our Thoughts
A few years ago we climbed up on our soap-box and preached our love for the mindlowing Sherries of Equipo Navazos, it went something like this..."Leave any preconceptions you have about sherry at the door. These precious little bottles are much more than the old sherry your grandfather used to sip on. Vinous in every sense, pure, delicate, powerful, savoury, sweet, textural, salty - everything we talk about in wine. Tasting these wines is an truly unique experience. So vinous are Equipo Navazos, you'll forget that they are even sherry!"
We still feel the same, maybe more so. These are more than just drinks, thought provoking, emotional and need to be discussed, they are reference points for what sherry/wine can be. Grab a bottle and share with some like minded wine enthusiasts.


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