Dureuil-Janthial 2017 Burgundy: 

“…quite simply the finest set of young wines that I have ever tasted from Dureuil…” [The Wine Advocate]

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“If I see his name on a wine list, I don't give it a second thought and simply order his wine.”

Jean-François Coche

He [Vincent Dureuil] has been a rising star of the Rully appellation for some years now, and his wines get better with every new vintage, proof that meticulous vineyard management and precision vinification are the keys to bringing out the precise, individual character of each climat.” Bettane & Desseauve’s Guide to the Wines of France

“Vincent Dureuil's family may be one of Rully's oldest, but no one in the Côte Chalonnaise is more innovative or pioneering. A committed practitioner of organics in a region that's still almost entirely conventionally farmed, Dureuil's tireless vineyard work and deft winemaking produce Rully's finest wines. Texturally gourmand but always reliably succulent, even incisive, the domaine's whites set the standard for the appellation and would embarrass many loftier appellations from the Côte de Beaune.” William Kelley, The Wine Advocate

“Dureuil continues to fashion some of the very best wines in the Côte Chalonnaise and once again I was seriously impressed by the quality he has achieved. Given how inexpensive the wines are in most markets I highly recommend them to you for both quality and value.”

Allen Meadows, Burghound

“Vincent Dureuil can make a strong claim to rank as the finest producer in the Côte Chalonnaise, but even though I am a long-time fan of his wines, I was unprepared for just how good his 2017 collection is. If the 2017 vintage in Burgundy has a defect, it's that the wines can be rather facile and immediate; but that is emphatically not the case chez Dureuil-Janthial, as these whites and reds are serious and tightly wound, built for the cellar. Indeed, this is quite simply the finest set of young wines that I have ever tasted from Dureuil, and I couldn't recommend them more emphatically.” William Kelley, The Wine Advocate