There is no doubt Crawford River has always been our favourite Riesling producer at Best Cellars. Not that they are a one trick pony they produce an array of wines that really provide bang for their buck.  Each year we eagerly await the release of their aged Riesling program, Rieslings perfectly aged to drink now. We normally don’t make much of a song and dance about them, this year we all deserve something a little special. This year’s two releases are;

The 2013 Museum release is a re-release. Each vintage they hold back a pallet of the current release to showcase it down the track with time in bottle. With this time the magic of site is unwound. The difference between 2013 wine and the 2008 Reserve is that the latter is never released as a young wine. Furthermore the Reserve Riesling isn't made every vintage, rather, just in the best years. It is from the oldest block on the property and always has a tight, dense, powerful focus when young, but with time in bottle it unveils itself showing why Crawford River has the reputation it does.