The Story
Bell Hill was first surveyed in 1917 for Charles Trounce to conduct a lime quarrying operation. This continued until the late 1930's and the current Waikari Limeworks is situated nearby. On settling here we found remnants of the machinery used for quarrying. This gave Bell Hill an interesting historical as well as geographical aspect (the name Bell Hill comes from its bell-like shape on the southern side, once the first view for travellers coming into the Waikari Valley) and encouraged us to express a connection with location and history in considering the wine label. We decided upon Old Weka Pass Road (our road address) for our first releases and have featured the Maori drawings found on a nearby rock overhang in the Weka Pass that are 500-1000 years old. The moa fossil discovery on Bell Hill Vineyard in May 2001 has given us a glimpse even further back into New Zealand history. Our first Bell Hill wines were released from the 2003 vintage. For this label we engaged the vision of Strategy Design for the development of Bell Hill as a logo. Bell Hill is a long-term project driven by a desire to achieve the absolute in wine definition from this site. Vintage variation in this part of the world means you can never stop evaluating what you do and for what reasons. There is no end to striving for excellence or learning from what you do - it keeps us engaged and challenged.